What’s Inside Men’s Wallets When They Are Cheating On Their Wives?

If you’ve been living with a guy for long, you’ll know if he’s cheating on you. But if you’re watching out for email messages and phone calls that aren’t coming, then you’re looking the wrong way. Men’s Wallet Why don’t you check out one or two of his men’s wallets or the entire collection instead?

Tell-tale signs of cheating husbands and lovers

Ninety-nine percent of the divorces filed are caused by a cheating partner, and the usual culprits are men. So, before your love story ends in false accusations and recriminations, be sure you hit the nail right on the head when you point the finger at him and yell “Cheat!”

You don’t have to hire a top-notch detective to catch up him in the act. Instead look for these following physical signs:

1. He has signed up for the gym without telling you first.

2. Starts experimenting with your lotions.

3. Dresses up differently.

4. Is always out of the office when you call.

5. Always runs to the phone when it rings.

6. Is always on his mobile phone and prefers to talk out of your earshot.

7. Goes out a lot with the boys.

8. Comes home at 3 in the morning and says he had to fix the office computers.

9. Miss dinners frequently.

10. Rarely goes with you to parties.

11. Prefers to go to parties by his lonesome and tells you that wives are not allowed.

12. Talks about the latest movies that you haven’t watched with him.