Mens Boots – Not Just A Protective Footwear

It is common notion that men do not have to worry about the kind of shoes they wear. In fact a multitude of people have this misinformed idea that fashion is only for women. One glance at the variety in the market for mens shoes or mens boots, however, is quite enough to turn this idea on its head. The market for florsheim men footwear s is flooded with different kinds of boots starting with ankle length and moving up to the exotic knee length ones, made from leather, suede, and other synthetic materials.

Although a number of men, still like to stick to their traditional selection of shoes and shy away from trying newer models, there is a large majority, who are always looking to make a statement. As far as the tradition of mens footwear goes, for a very long time boots were thought to be shoes meant only for the rugged terrain and rough weather. But since quite some time now men have started wearing boots, especially ankle length boots, to social gatherings and even to offices.

In fact, it is probably quite safe to state that boots are the most preferred footwear for many men. Boots have that masculine look and feel to them and appeal to most men, plus these boots are really versatile. It is possible to wear them with jeans, khakis, chinos, or cargos, and in fact even with formal pants. Of course, ankle length boots are best for wearing to offices and after office parties or social gatherings, however for more adventurous activities like hiking or motorcycling men prefer to wear calf length boots.

Mens Boots are manufactured from a variety of materials and come in a multitude of design patterns. Leather of course leads the league with their classic look that is so popular among men, and then there is suede, which have caught the imagination of a lot of discerning men as the perfect choice for casual wear. When it comes to the casual style there is a wide selection of sports boots and boots in chukka style for men to choose from. These sporty mens boots go really well with jeans and other types of informal mens wear.

Of course, you also have to choose between the different design patterns in mens boots. For instance, the zipper-boots come with zips along their sides and can make for excellent complement with hip wear like leather jackets. Lace-up boots, of course, are the more popular among the design patterns and there are even boots that have decorative laces. Pull-up boots on the other hand use neither zips nor laces; they have elastic material stitched in with the leather or the material of the boot so that the boot can be easily put on or pulled off without using any accessories for fastening.